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Colleagues and Artists

Jon James

The F. Scott Fitzgerald of Bizarro fiction, Jon is the author of Mechabots: The Princes of the Universe and the forthcoming novel, Do Gyndroids Dream of Electric Dicks? Jon is also the webmaster for this pretty little website and a part of a writers workshop where he tells Bryce what works and what needs more nudity.

Chris Galford

Chris is the author of the Haunted Shadows Trilogy and a freelance writer in Michigan. His short story, The Child's Cry has been published in Mystic Signals Magazine. He is also a filthy pig who can stream a sentence together better than most writers, and for that, Bryce wishes every foul act of god upon his head in something so hideous, even the Old Testament would soil its pants in fear. 

Nicole Rebecca

Nicole is a member of Karma Bellydance and a teacher of Tribal Fushion Bellydance in Michigan. She is also the creator of handmade bellydance costumes and frequently attends various dance workshops. A homebody and introvert to the nth degree, your best chance of running into her is at Electric Forest or some other electronic show. She also enjoys playing video games and taking care of a cat so evil that hell trembles before its name.

Kim Ferguson

Kim is a Michigan based photographer and the head honcho of Blue Ferg Photography. She is also the creator of pressed plant bookmarks, which can be found here. A graduate in Plant Biology, she can be found at home with her nose in a book... or against a plant.