Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Book, Who Dis?

Good Lawd I am terrible at keeping this updated. Like, seriously bad.

What have I been doing? A whole lot of stuff in the personal life. New jobs, new books, same old wonderful squad. I’ve also been in one of those writer depressions that are just so gosh darn fun. But, finally, I’m out!

I think...

Anyways, so I’ve had the ebooks for She Sees Metaphors and Tales of Timeless Springs up for a little while now. And I’ve finally got the proof copies for the paperbacks noted with corrections to be made. So in not too long I will have those back up and running, like that whole publishing fiasco never occurred.

I’m also making some last minute edits for my next book, which I like to think of as a literary EP. It is a collection of three short stories and some micro fiction, which will be called Brief Nightmares. If the title doesn’t give it away, they are all horror stories. Some more extreme than others. My goal is to make it a 32nd birthday gift to myself. So hopefully before June 22nd, you will see this book on digital shelves.

The Absolute End of the World is still seeking a home. I’ve been shopping it around, with no luck so far. So sadly, I do not have a release date, or even a general timeframe for when it will see the light of day. I am praying for it to be soon though.

And that’s all I have for you today folks. Happy vibes to all of you.