Sunday, March 5, 2017

Countdown to Timeless Springs!

Lordy Lou, the day is almost here! 

March 10th! #ShitYeah

This really crept up on me. The day job has been keeping me busy pretty much since the new year kicked off, and my life has been a whirlwind of special classes and baked goods. The weeks were long, the hours brutal. And in getting caught up in all of that there were a few times where I literally forgot that I am a writer.

No, seriously. I totally forgot that shit. If it wasn't for Blue Deco Publishing keeping in touch and asking for questions, I might still be lost in that haze.

So it's not really a big surprise that the release date for Tales of Timeless Springs managed to sneak up on me. 

Me realizing Tales of Timeless Springs comes out 3/10 and it's 3/05.

So basically I'm trying to get my author shit together while I recover from my brutal life as a secretary with benefits. 

Not those kinds of benefits. The additional administration work sort of benefits.

It hasn't all been bad though. I did manage to squeeze in some of life's pleasures here and there. I joined a D&D thing where I play a witch and have no freaking idea what I'm doing. I got to see the hippy perform in a hafla, where the mother-in-law sold some of her dope hand knitted stuff. Also...

My new life has begun.

So yeah. Funny how life kind of sneaks up on you like that. But thankfully, I have a little bit more time to enjoy it.  So when I'm not roaming about, killing machines and being a bad ass, I'll be promoting the hell of out Tales of Timeless Springs. I'm working on getting an even together, so hopefully more on that to come.In the mean time, enjoy yourselves, Readers. I'll see you soon. You know, when I'm not doing the thing.

This thing.

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