Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Temporarily Unpublished

Readers, She Sees Metaphors is no longer available to purchase on Createspace, Kindle, or the Nook. The reason for this is very exciting. I'll bring you more details as they come, but Blue Deco Publishing has accepted the manuscript into its arms and very soon will be releasing it under its own label! 

This is, without a doubt, the most exciting thing that has happened with She Sees Metaphors in a long time. This entire novel has gone through quite the journey, from it's various incarnations and drafts over the years, to it's brief time with a small Texas publisher (you know, the one that didn't read it, accepted it, then dropped it), to self-publication, and now on to a whole new publisher. 

I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude at this moment. Not just to Blue Deco Publishing for accepting my wee little novel, but also to everyone that has supported me over the years, came to readings, and purchased the novel in its independent format. I can't wait to share this new experience with all of you as I take the next step in my career as an author.

In the meantime, I'm currently working on We Write Weird Shit: The Book! with Jon James, gearing up more special episodes, and, of course, prepping myself for season two. And, perhaps craziest of all, I'm deep in the process of adding additional material to Tales of Timeless Springs, which will take it from a novella to a full fledged novel. 

It's a good year, folks. Again, thank you all so much and I'll see you soon!