Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ugh, Where Are We?

It's been a whirlwind of shit and honey these last few months, and now that the storm has settled down, I'm not surprised that March is already walking out the door and April is already starting to rear its stupid head.

Things were kind crazy. I took a job as a General Manager at a fast casual chain last December, and while the money was pretty cool, just about everything else involved with the job was terrible. And I can't stress that enough. Holy fuck nut, that placed sucked on so many levels. I made the hippy promise me to never to another management gig, not in this town anyways. When it all got to be too much, I did  the only thing I could do: I crawled back to my last boss and asked him for my job back.

So it's all okay now. I'm back to where I was, and even working a little job at a used record/ dvd/ video game shop to boot. Life is alright. I'm still broke but between cutting down on my expenses, the release of the second edition of She Sees Metaphors (so soon, so very soon), and being oh so close to finishing Tales of Timeless Springs, I'm pretty happy.

We Write Weird Shit is about to wrap up its first season, which also blows my mind. It feels like Jon and I just started, but it turns out no, no we did not. We record episode thirteen pretty soon, which means we've been doing this podcast thing for probably closer to fifteen weeks. There's currently talk of releasing the short stories we wrote in a collection, which I think would be a nice little treat to wrap up the season. Sort of a gift to ourselves, as well as something to boost the Amazon author pages.

Oh, here's a fun little fact: One of the stories that make up Tales of Timeless Springs is going to appear in in episode 9 of Random Transmissions. I am super fucking stoked about this. Justin K. Day, the creator of the podcast, has put together something very special. It's a great way to hear stories from new authors, and the world he's created within the podcast is wonderful. It's dark, creepy, and I'm oh so very curious as to where everything is going. So with that, I invite you to click the link and have a listen. I promise, you won't regret it.

And... that's about it. There are some other potential publishing options coming up, but I'm going to keep quiet on those until the ink dries. So for now, take it easy.

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  1. Hey, Justin Day here. Thanks for for the shout-out man! Sorry you had a bad experience with the whole management thing. I've had many a job in my life, but I was never a manager. I doubt I ever will be. I'm happy things are doing better. I'll be sad when WWWS goes on break, but I totally understand at the same time.