Monday, February 1, 2016

Suck it, Winesburg!

So about that Timeless Springs story. Well...

I'm working on it.

If you listened to the latest episode of the podcast We Write Weird Shit (which I co-host with the F. Scott Fitzgerald of Bizarro fiction, Jon "jonjames" James) you'll have heard that I am actually working not only on the revisions and edits for Tales of Timeless Springs, but I am also adding some more material to it.

"Why?" you ask, every so eager to know because you can't stand another minute of this life without a copy of my sophomore effort to be on your shelf.

The long and short of it is that I've had this nagging feeling that the book wasn't really done ever since I finished it. Something felt like it was missing. After talking to one of my editors, who I paid tribute and gave mad exposure to in the We Write Weird Shit episode All Hail The King, I figured it out.

It's this one.

The first draft of Tales of Timeless Springs was actually a fourteen thousand word novelette about a group of kids trying to escape the city. And since second drafts are usually completely different from the first when I write them, the story I have now centers on those kids as adults and a cast of other characters that live in the city of Timeless Springs. 

But I couldn't let that original story go. It stuck with me and I figured that I could always put out a second Timeless Springs book later on. And then I figured why not just include the story? It's relatively short so it can be rewritten and fixed into the current story's continuity pretty easily. And it can be done within the deadline I have set for the release of the book, which is late summer. So what the hell? Why not?

And so that's where the book is now. I'm rewriting one section, the novelette, and working on the penultimate round of edits on the other section, which is a series of connected short stories that tell a larger narrative. 

And last but not least, I'm also working with an artist to help me put out an illustrated sample from Tales of Timeless Springs, much like I did with She Sees Metaphors. So soon I should be giving you guys a nice little taste of what's to come.

So yeah, in the meantime, be sure to check out We Write Weird Shit and enjoy the weird ass tales that Jon and I do our best to entertain you with on a weekly basis.