Saturday, December 5, 2015

White Pride is Racist, But It's Also Kinda Not...

Last night I was scrolling through Bookface and I came across this delightful little cartoon:


I read this and my immediate thought was, "Awww... they want to be the victim. Cute!" And then it got me thinking about how this is rather common concern among certain Caucasian United States citizens, and that they truly believe they are some sort of victim of the reverse racism myth when it comes to pride in who they are. 

And I started to wonder about why that is? Why do some consider it racist to be a proud white person? Well, the answer I decided on kind of sits on the fence. It is and it isn't, it just depends on the language you use.

Let's be honest and realistic, "white pride" is associated with "white power" which the basic chant of racism. That's just how the term is used. Google the term "white pride" if you'd like. There's a fiar bit of controversy. Then google Scottish pride. Then British pride. Then Irish Pride. Then German Pride. The first photos and memes and articles that you come across are not centered around race (although I did see one German article on how it's becoming less awkward to have pride in your German heritage). 

I think the basic misunderstanding of the grouchy men and women who feel they are being persecuted for their white pride is that they're not paying attention to how they're communicating they're pride. I know quite a few white people, myself half-included (cause, you know, the whole half Mexican/ half European thing) who are more than happy to share their pride in the cultures they come from. But they're specific. "White pride" is an offensive term and that simply needs to be respected. But when the conversation turns to specifics and you're not generalizing with "White" then the offensive nature is removed from the context.

And this isn't about political correctness, which is something I find to be ridiculous and stupid and the wet dream of some sad group of people who think a personal philosophy should be social law and all naysayers exiled. It's about respect. It's about the simple idea of not being a dick. It's about being empathetic with the feelings and attitudes of entire cultures that have been shit on for way too long for the simple crime of not being pale enough to blend in white snow. 

At least, these are just my thoughts. Perhaps this conversation in our culture can be fixed if we work on the way we're communicating our cultural pride.