Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Four Assholes You See Posting During a Tragedy

In the wake of the Paris attacks I’ve been thinking about my favorite types of people during a tragedy:

Person A is angry because they don’t believe some of the grief is legitimate, so they decide to cry about it and tell the people that they’re insincere. This behavior is in all likelihood due to the fact that people aren’t paying attention to them, so whatever. Let the children cry.

Person B is upset that no one is paying attention to another incident and so rather than try to reference the other tragedy in the conversation, they decide to tell people what they should be thinking and feeling and focusing on. This tends to belittle both tragedies because it brings up a comparison of the two, when really all that needs to happen is the formation of a second conversation in addition to the first one. There’s no competing with a news story that’s gained momentum in mainstream media (journalism is still a business) but that doesn’t mean the second conversation can’t keep going and that doesn’t mean both conversations can’t be had at the same time, respectively.

Person C is usually crying out for some radical answer that can be broken down into the simple attempt to justify racism. For instance, treating refugees who are fleeing for safety as accomplices. That’s like blaming a wife who flees her abusive husband for some stupid public action the husband committed afterwards. Would it be preferred that the victims die at home so that others are not inconvenienced? No, it wouldn’t. Don’t be silly like Person D.

Person D is just silly and wants to get rid of guns or religion or whatever, as though something as like that is actually possible. Instead of focusing on the issue, which can be boiled down to a lack of human empathy and a complete disrespect for human life, they find whatever Bad Guy One has in common with Bad Guy Two and decide the common denominator needs be eliminated, even though BG1 and BG2 are basically apples and oranges. There’s no need to get rid of all fruit here. Just the specific rotten fruit.

And all of these people do little more that take a poo on the problem. So please, don’t be one of those sorts of people. Focus on love and empathy and sticking together in a time of crisis. Talk about Paris. Talk about Baghdad. Talk about everything that’s wrong. Just stop attacking other people for not reacting the same way as you.