Saturday, October 31, 2015

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It's Halloween today and the hippy and I are doing something very special. We'll be attending a wedding today, for two very lovey people. And since it's a Halloween wedding and Cody and Jessica are not lame as fuck, costumes are happening. 

I'm just going to leave this here and remind you
that gender bending costumes are a thing.

It's also a day for movies and candy, and I plan to enjoy the wedding and come home to experience one of my absolute favorite films of all time:

Literally nothing scared me more as a child than this scene from John Carpenter's Halloween.

Except this bitch.

Happy Halloween, Reader. I hope yours is as lovely as mine.

And time for an author update:

Oh dear, it's November as of tomorrow, which means it's time to continue to stop shaving and time to continue to write a novel. But this year I am going to get into the spirit of things and give NaNoWriMo a go. I've got a passion project in the works that I've been putting off because it's way too long of a story and I'm focusing on building my career at the moment, starting with shorter, neater works. But with the day job about to slow down a tic and the need to save money rising, why not spend November in a furious state in which I try to get a finished first draft of a novel two or three times the size of She Sees Metaphors done? Not exactly massive when compared to other novels out there, but seeing that She Sees Metaphors is just shy of 70k words, Tales of Timeless Springs will be around the 50k word mark- assuming I don't go all Stephen King on its ass -and my anthology of short stories will probably compare to the two (Surprise! I'm releasing an anthology!), a 150k to 200k novel is sort of a big deal me. 

I write for audiences that don't have all day. People like me who love to read but have busy jobs, relationships and other vocations that eat away at their time. (Mine in this case happens to be writing.) So giving a project of that length my full attention has been difficult, because I can easily produce my next novel and the anthology to follow, and maybe even the novella I want to release next, in a similar time frame (when you don't take the art work and proof readings into account). So yes, this November I am going to go all out and give NaNoWriMo a shot, to see if I can produce a larger body of work in a short frame of time. Of course, NaNoWriMo will actually be NaNoWriMos, because I'm not going to pretend that I won't be carrying this project into the Shitmas Holiday. (Of course, I knock on the American consumer holiday of Christmas, not the Christian celebration because there is most certainty a difference.)

What else? Oh! Yes. Timeless Springs!

My next novel, Tales of Timeless Springs, is an urban fantasy that I plan to start the final draft of in January. Here, along with Ralph Bakshi's films, is what I plan to read and take my inspiration from. 

Feel good reading.

In short, the book centers on a prostitute and her lover, a street gambling addict, and their journey to get out of a city that will not let them leave, because there is no exit.

Featuring a cast of characters that include a bartender who can raise the dead, a brothel running witch who likes to torture and consume children, a librarian whose dead wife won't stop nagging him, a violent gangster who employs an equally violent talking cat, and all sorts of creatures that you don't want to meet outside the pages of fiction, this book is going to be quite the fun little tale to write. I am very excited. Tales of Timeless Springs is set for a 2017 release.

And this anthology?

I have a lot of short stories and one novel sitting about that I haven't had any serious plans to do anything with. It's not that I don't like them or think they're bad, but a heavy portion of them are grounded, deep, deep into the realm of realism, and honestly, I wanted to make some semblance of a name for myself in genre before releasing anything that contains normal people in the normal world doing things that they find normal, but maybe (hopefully) are not. So next year when I am not working on the last draft and edits of Timeless Springs, I am going to polish and rewrite these stories and the one novel, and put them together in a lovely package that I will be proud to stamp my name of. (And for those of you thinking: meh, don't worry, there's still plenty of supernatural in there to enjoy.)

So there you have it. That's all I've got for you now, lovelies. It's about time for me to start getting into a Sailor outfit, made for me by the hippy, and turning my hair yellow. Stay safe-ish. Eat lots of candy. Get blindingly drunk with someone you love, or maybe just respect, and make it a night worth remembering when our society turns into a bunch of Black Friday loving cunts who have no respect for anyone other than themselves are easily exhibits A through zz on why retail workers should be allowed to use free speech and not be fired for it.

Do I hate holiday shoppers? Yes, yes I do. They're all fucking sheep. Filthy dirty swine who deserve nothing nice at the end of the day. Is this you? Am I speaking of you and hurting your little snowflake feelings? Good. I love it. Have some respect for the abused working class and stay home you selfish mother fucking ass twat piece of filthy fucking shit scum. 

The rest of you, Happy Halloween and lots of love!