Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An Evening At The Robin Theatre *updated*

That. Was. Fucking. Awesome.

I had the extraordinary experience to give a reading and signing at The Robin Theatre in Lansing, which was without a doubt the most charming and beautiful venue I've had the privilege to perform in, let alone simply be in.

The venue was small and intimate. The questions were beautiful. The people were even more beautiful. I have never felt so honored in my life. I am truly speechless. So thankfully, Kim Ferguson of BlueFerg Photography has provided photographs and video of the event for me to share here.

Let me repeat that: 


REO Town is certainly looking up these days,
and a bright future is ahead, I think.

I nearly pooped myself when I saw this,

Fun fact: I have no idea what I'm writing.

Favorite movie on a t-shirt.

Sometimes, she misses the derp-de-derp.

This is lovely. I am a total sucker for
black and white with a dash of color.

Tough crowd.

And so, what's next? 

Well, I'm Going To Shut Up. It's about time that I let She Sees Metaphors float around out in the world and just go back to writing. I've made myself unavailable at the day job two days a week, which I intend to use as solid writing days from now until Tales of Timeless Springs is ready to be talked about in more detail. Until then, stay tuned and see you around.


Videos were taken by Blue Ferg Photography. They have been uploaded to YouTube, but just in case you're not interested in going there and would rather see the video here, well.... here you go:

Where do you see yourself and your novels going?

Now that this novel is complete, how do you feel about it?


How long have you been writing?

Favorite part of writing:

Editors and friends:

Drinking sober:


Cover art:

Are your characters real people?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Going To Shut Up Soon

In less than 24 hours I'll be standing in front of an audience and reading a chapter of She Sees Metaphors to them. If it goes well, I'll be laughing and spending time with them, chatting and engaging in dialogue until it's time for us all to get the hell out of the theatre. 

And then what?

Well, She Sees Metaphors will have been promoted about as well as my time and budget will allow. And so with the end of the release party comes the end of me trying to get the word out about my lovely little debut. 

I will go back to blogging semi-regularly. I will start working on Tales of Timeless Springs full time (the second draft is coming along wonderfully). I will just let She Sees Metaphors be out there, doing its little thing. If I can worm my way in to conventions or readings, then yes, of course I'll get out there and promote. But sadly, the capital city doesn't have much of an indie author scene. 

It's nice. I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Talking about She Sees Metaphors and researching how I can promote it and get copies sold is time consuming. I miss just writing. I miss the part of the trade where I'm not a salesman. It's important, but it's also depressingly not creative. (Not to mention frustrating, because a lot of promotional companies want an absurd amount of money, sometimes just to Tweet about you. Fuckers.)

And so, soon I am going to shut up and get back to work. I have a small, semi-insane goal of getting Timeless Springs out late, late next year. I'm going to pursue that.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm On The Radio!

I was on the radio today.

It was a lot of fun.

The interview was done to promote the release party at The Robin Theatre this Friday. 

Yeah... that is all.