Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Not Quite A Real Interview or, You May Ask Me Anything

I answered a few questions for Goodreads' Ask The Author service. It was entertaining but I wouldn't mind a few questions that aren't so typical. So feel free to head over and drop me a question or two.

Bryce David Salazar I read or find something on Netflix and binge. There's always some kind of clause in writer advice articles that mentions reading, but it never gets the full credit it deserves. Just as the chef needs to eat, a writer needs to read (or watch something, television and film both require writers). When I'm struggling to write, I don't think of it as writer's block so much as an intellectual malnutrition. Sooner or later, I start struggling to read or watch and I go back to writing.
Bryce David Salazar As an introvert, I have the ultimate get out social events free card.
Bryce David Salazar Finish something. Too many writers are working on this or that and while they have a commendable amount of words written, they don't have a complete story. No publisher ever takes half a novel and puts it on shelves (unless you're Capote or Fitzgerald, and subsequently dead). Get the story finished. Then finish the rewrite. Even if you have your doubts about it, that's why we have editors and proof readers. So finish the damn thing.
Bryce David Salazar It started as a writing exercise in my diary. I was still working on She Sees Metaphors at the time and I wanted to take a break from physical descriptions, if only to cleanse my pallet. Shortly after I put it aside with no intentions of ever coming back, I started rewriting it.

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