Monday, January 5, 2015

Where We Stand

Well, halle-fucking-lujah, ladies and gents, let the dream begin. After a solid year of livable wages as a salaried chum, I am back to a simple life, with shorter days, shorter pay and plenty more time to dedicate to my loves: Reading, writing, family, friends, and, of course, the hippy.* Fifty-plus hour work weeks in a steady job have proven to no longer be relevant to my interests, and so I have stepped down a notch. It was quite the experience and just the right fire to light under my cute little ass to switch gears and begin focusing on the written word. So here we are, at the very beginning of the literary career (or, whatever) of one, Bryce David Salazar

First things first: She Sees Metaphors.

My debut novel was accepted for publication in the summer of 2014 with Sarah Book Publishing, a small little publishing house down in Texas. After some management hiccups and shady staff members being all loosey goosey with the rules, they looked a little closer at my manuscript and decided that it violated their decency standards. My contract was subsequently dropped and my childhood dream kicked to the streets like a family dog that just bit the baby’s face. (I couldn’t get an answer as to what made them change their minds, sad to say. But I like to think they never got further than page two.)

In the wake of this frustrating news, I decided to stay the course of the original publication plans and to do it myself. I have hired an artist and a couple of editors (because fuck typos) to help me put the finishing touches on my novel so that when it hits the digital shelves, it will have been given all of the care and dedication of a traditionally published book.

And so, dear readers, I am currently deep into the editing process while currently figuring out a marketing strategy. As of right now, I can say that She Sees Metaphors has a tentative release date in the late summer/early fall area. In the meantime, stop on by, read my silly little blog posts, leave a comment or two, and do whatever it is that you do.

Peace, Love & The Macabre,


*girlfriend. The hippy is my girlfriend.

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