Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sundays, Samples, and Satisfaction (The G-rated sort)

Ah, Sundays. Once upon a time, when I young and, in the simplest of descriptions, a short little idiot, I found Sundays to be the most depressing day of the week. There was always the looming shadow of school just beyond the bedtime hours, mixed with the constant fear of evening Mass, which I always found to be more depressing than the morning service… probably because there were no doughnuts afterwards.

In recent years, I find myself thinking of Sunday much as the good book intended them to be; a day of rest. No showers, no school, no work of any kind. The only effort I like to exert is for food and making my way to the gas station for caffeine (or in another life, cigarettes). Today was very much one of those Sundays. As it comes to a close with me sitting alone in my quiet apartment, mugs with dry tea and coffee sitting in the bottom, scattered about (a sure sign that the hippy has recently walked these lands), I am happy and proud to say that I can share an illustrated sample from She Sees Metaphors.

The illustration comes courtesy of Amanda Dine, a Michigan based artist who, quite frankly, fucking killed it. She kept me afloat with her progress on the piece and watching it come forth was very much like watching a tattoo grow with each session (minus the pain). The scene I chose is very much the basic idea for She Sees Metaphors. It’s the one I use when trying to explain the book to people who ask the annoying question of “What’s your book about?”, and so I think this selection is absolutely perfect.

And so, please enjoy, dear Reader. I am going to close out my pleasant Sunday with a healthy combination of Pynchon and Peaky Blinders.



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