Friday, November 10, 2017

New Book, New Shop, New Draft, New... Other Stuffs

'ello There, Fiends!

Howdy, howdy. I hope all is well you're all tucked in someplace warm, with a mug of something steaming and delicious, or perhaps a tumbler full of spirits to sooth the soul as well as the body. It's a chilly, chilly 26 degrees over here in the Murder Mitten, and I'm tucked away in my office with a belly full of breakfast tacos and a craving for a mug of something hot to wash it all down. So with that, let's talk news.

I have been laid off!


Gotta be honest, I saw it coming. Sort of put my foot down about being exploited and mistreated. So naturally my days were numbered. I did my best to beat them to the punch, but alas, no luck. They got me. The silver living is that I did manage to secure a seasonal part time gig at a bookstore, which I suppose is about as safe as swan diving into a swimming pool full of used needles, but.... it's still pretty freaking awesome. Because BOOKS!


I've also gone into business with my friend Brian to create something pretty special.We've purchased a button press, started talking to screen printers and designers, and have been discussing other cool things to sell in an online store dedicated to all things geeky, dorky, and genre-tastic. All is still in the early stages, as we've only pressed some wholesale buttons and made a few designed, but all in all I think this is going to be pretty amazing once we finally get it up and running, as opposed to up and walking. So without further ado, I present to you:

 I'm not sure why the pictures are kind of jacked up, but whatever. I'm a writer not a web designer.

More cool stuff is in the works and more will come in due time. This is only the beginning. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram: shopthedorkknight.

And now...

I've begun the first draft of book #4, which will be the first in a series of books. I'm still world building and plot discovering, but I'm pretty stoked about it. The best I can think of to describe it is that this series will be my Oz or Narnia or Abarat. Something for all ages that I hope to be as fun, epic, and exciting as... other fun, epic, and exciting things. I will blame this first book for any lack of communication. Well, this book and...

I'm not forgetting something.

I'm in the final editing/ rewriting stages of book #3, a novella, titled:

The Absolute End of the World

It's true.

This will be my third book, following Tales of Timeless Springs and She Sees Metaphors. And it's quite possibly some of my best work. At least I think so. Everyone seems to loves Tales of Timeless Springs the most. Which is cool, totally, cool. I'm just saying... this one is going to be good too, I think.

The Absolute End of the World will wrap up what I'm calling The Louie Trilogy. Yes, that fat little bastard will return in this novella, in a minor role. The main role will follow a nameless illegitimate child of God during the beginning of a suddenly very changed Revelations. Jehovah has walked away from his children, leaving Lucifer with the keys to the store. And as the end starts brewing and things start going wrong for everyone, the bastard will be in the process of fulfilling a promise to a friend, however futile it seems.

I have not decided if I'll be self publishing or shopping this little guy around, so no word on a release date yet. But, it's coming fiends. It's coming sooner than later and I am so freaking excited for all of you to read it.

And with that, I leave you all to a very wonderful weekend. Stay warm, hug a friend, tell someone a happy story, and share puns. I'm going to go off and work on this crippling depressing all ages fantasy series.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Brief Nightmares

Hello Fiends,

In celebration of Halloween I am going to be releasing a series of creepy micro fictions on my official Facebook page. Everyday in October will see a delightful new story from me, many of which will only be a sentence or two long. 

You have been warned.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Bastard is Coming. Soon. Ish.

Well hello there, Readers. It's been a while. Have you missed me? Because I've certainly missed you in these months of quiet that passed between now and when I last updated this here bloggy blog. 

I've decided that now is as good a time as any to announce that book #3 is very much written. It's in the editing phases in fact, and while a decent amount of work stands in the way of its publication (all the little fun bureaucracies of making a book worthy of submission), I wanted you to know that I have a lovely 30,000 word tome on its way. I'm kind of being a little hush hush about all the details, because jinxing myself is unattractive, but I will offer you a taste (ooh-la-la). Here is the opening sentence:

The son of God is loved, the illegitimate son is not.

(Naturally that's copyright Jacob Sailor 2017.)

But yes, there it is. The opening line to my next book. More will come in due time. The last thing I will say is that it's very much all of your typical Bryce David Salazar things, packed into one tight little tale. 

But, while this is off in editor land, getting ripped apart and sewn back together, I will work on the book that is to follow. Because what else does a writer do, but write?

And drink. And put off writing to play video games. Speaking of, Dark Souls II and an appointment with the vet are in order. So before I go, here's a photo of my son, Marvin.

Dr. Leo Marvin, that is.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Countdown to Timeless Springs!

Lordy Lou, the day is almost here! 

March 10th! #ShitYeah

This really crept up on me. The day job has been keeping me busy pretty much since the new year kicked off, and my life has been a whirlwind of special classes and baked goods. The weeks were long, the hours brutal. And in getting caught up in all of that there were a few times where I literally forgot that I am a writer.

No, seriously. I totally forgot that shit. If it wasn't for Blue Deco Publishing keeping in touch and asking for questions, I might still be lost in that haze.

So it's not really a big surprise that the release date for Tales of Timeless Springs managed to sneak up on me. 

Me realizing Tales of Timeless Springs comes out 3/10 and it's 3/05.

So basically I'm trying to get my author shit together while I recover from my brutal life as a secretary with benefits. 

Not those kinds of benefits. The additional administration work sort of benefits.

It hasn't all been bad though. I did manage to squeeze in some of life's pleasures here and there. I joined a D&D thing where I play a witch and have no freaking idea what I'm doing. I got to see the hippy perform in a hafla, where the mother-in-law sold some of her dope hand knitted stuff. Also...

My new life has begun.

So yeah. Funny how life kind of sneaks up on you like that. But thankfully, I have a little bit more time to enjoy it.  So when I'm not roaming about, killing machines and being a bad ass, I'll be promoting the hell of out Tales of Timeless Springs. I'm working on getting an even together, so hopefully more on that to come.In the mean time, enjoy yourselves, Readers. I'll see you soon. You know, when I'm not doing the thing.

This thing.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Approaching Sophomore

Yesterday I was able to announce to the world that the very wonderful Blue Deco Publishing have accepted Tales of Timeless Springs into their catalog.

Author photos have been taken. Cover art is underway. Final edits are being done. Pants are being shat. Excitement is all around. It's very much the publication process.

Stay tuned, Readers. Updates and details are coming.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

J.S. versus B.D.S.

It's been a rather eventful couple of weeks on Bryce Land, which have been getting in the way of certain websites receiving their blog posts, but eh, what are you going to do? The Outhouse, Tongue Huggers, and Tales of Timeless Springs have all been getting their due when I'm not at the desk job, but as I've said before, when a new video game enters my life, writing kind of slows down a bit.

This has been happening.

I've also been giving the nonfiction stuff more attention for the simple fact that I've been trying to push my career outside of novels in the direction of writing as well. I enjoy my current job and I'm very interested in the opportunities that it's laying in path, but just as I'm trying to launch Bryce David Salazar's career, I'm also trying to launch that other guy's career. Which is a bit weird considering we're the same person and neither name is technically a pseudonym, because sometimes Catholic Mexicans want to make sure to fill the entire line on the birth certificate. But it does feel like duel careers and I sometimes wonder if maybe I should try molding the two together, you know? Why not gently put a pillow over the other guy's head as he sleeps and wait for him to take the long nap, and then change everything he's written to "by Bryce David Salazar" to make it clear we're one person?

I mean, it's not exactly a secret so I don't know why I should bother with the metaphorical homicide. Just read the bio given to me at The Outhouse:


Jacob Sailor? More like Jacob Seamen, amirite? Anyway... Jacob Sailor is the author of She Sees Metaphors (written as Bryce David Salazar) and co-host of the podcast We Write Weird Shit. You can find out more about him at

Pretty simple to understand. No real drama involved. (Although because of the name Salazar, I am waiting for the day to come in which I am accused of cultural appropriation. Because if there's one thing a certain demo of white people in the great nation of the USA love to do, it's inform me that I am not actually of Mexican descent. Doesn't matter that my mother is Mexican. I don't check off enough boxes for my heritage to count, and they would know. They took Spanish classes and their rich parents paid for them to visit Mexico. So it would be in everyone's best interests if I stop offending their liberal sensibilities and stop announcing that you can trace my lineage back to Mexico. Which is all I'm really doing, however they seem to believe I have zero idea just how white I actually am. I'll step off the soap box now.)

So anyways, yes, this is where I'm at in life. Trying to make a writing career out of two separate names that all tie together because #CatholicMexicans exist. 

Also, here's a lovely, lovely quote photo from Jon James to promote She Sees Metaphors.

I like his coat.

Fuck, I'm out of coffee. Gotta run.